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Insurance in Gettysburg, PA: Miller Hanover Insurance

History of Miller Hanover Insurance

Miller Hanover Insurance has been a cornerstone of the Gettysburg, PA, community for many years. They’ve earned a solid reputation for delivering outstanding customer service and crafting tailored insurance solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. With their wealth of knowledge and expertise, they can guide you through the intricate insurance landscape, whether you need coverage for your home, vehicle, business, or life.

As an independent insurance agency, Miller Hanover Insurance partners with an array of top-rated insurance carriers. This enables them to present clients with a broad spectrum of coverage choices and competitive pricing. Their experienced agents collaborate closely with clients to grasp their specific requirements and help them secure the finest policies at the most reasonable rates.

A standout feature of Miller Hanover Insurance is its dedication to delivering personalized service. They invest time in getting to know their clients, fostering a deeper understanding of their concerns and needs. This empowers them to suggest the most appropriate coverage options and provide expert insights on risk management strategies.

Besides offering an impressive selection of personal insurance products, Miller Hanover Insurance is also well-versed in commercial insurance. They comprehend the distinct challenges that businesses in Gettysburg and nearby areas face and possess the necessary expertise to assist business owners in safeguarding their assets, employees, and customers. Their commercial insurance offerings include general liability, workers’ compensation, commercial property, and professional liability insurance, helping you protect your business from various risks.

Miller Hanover Insurance also provides numerous life and health insurance alternatives to shield your loved ones and guarantee their financial stability. Under their expert guidance, you can opt for term life, whole life, or even universal life insurance policies, as well as individual and group health insurance plans.

The Miller Hanover Insurance team is devoted to streamlining the insurance process and making it as hassle-free as possible. They are always ready to address inquiries, offer policy updates, and lend a hand with claims. Their unwavering commitment to exceptional service and deep-rooted understanding of the Gettysburg community make them a dependable ally for all your insurance necessities.


Insurance Products Offered

Miller Hanover Insurance offers a wide range of insurance products designed to meet the diverse needs of the Gettysburg community. Some of the insurance products available include:

  1. Auto Insurance
  2. Homeowners Insurance
  3. Renters Insurance
  4. Life Insurance
  5. Business Insurance
  6. Farm Insurance
  7. Motorcycle Insurance
  8. Boat Insurance
  9. Umbrella Insurance

Miller Hanover Insurance offers various personal insurance solutions to protect your family, home, and assets. Their knowledgeable agents can help you find the right coverage to fit your needs and budget.

From small businesses to large corporations, Miller Hanover Insurance has the expertise to provide customized business insurance solutions. They understand the unique risks businesses face in Gettysburg and work to ensure your company is protected.

Gettysburg’s agricultural community is an essential part of the region’s economy. Miller Hanover Insurance offers tailored farm insurance solutions to protect the investments of local farmers.


Local Insurance Expertise and Personalized Service in Gettysburg, PA

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, is a historic town known for its rich Civil War history and beautiful rural landscapes. As a resident or business owner in Gettysburg, ensuring the protection of your assets is essential. That’s where Miller Hanover Insurance comes in. This local insurance agency offers a wide range of insurance products tailored to meet the specific needs of the Gettysburg community.

As a local insurance agency, Miller Hanover Insurance understands the specific needs and risks facing Gettysburg residents. Their agents live and work in the community, providing personalized service and building lasting client relationships.

Miller Hanover Insurance is committed to giving back to the Gettysburg community. They actively support local organizations, charities, and events, helping to make Gettysburg a better place to live and work.


Independent Agency Advantage

As an independent insurance agency, Miller Hanover Insurance works with multiple carriers to find their clients’ best coverage and rates. This allows them to offer more options and tailor insurance solutions to each client’s unique needs.


Miller Hanover Insurance offers an easy-to-use online platform for obtaining quotes and managing your policies. This user-friendly tool helps streamline the insurance process and allows you to access your information anytime.


In the event of a claim, Miller Hanover Insurance will guide you through the process. Their knowledgeable agents will help you navigate the claims process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.


Miller Hanover Insurance, Your Local Insurance Experts

Miller Hanover is proud to work with the residents and business owners of Gettysburg, PA. They also serve many more locations including Hanover, New Oxford, Littlestown, Biglerville, Spring Grove, and Westminster, MD.

To learn more about insurance in Gettysburg, PA, or to request a quote, you can contact Miller Hanover Insurance at:

Miller Hanover Insurance

334 High Street, Hanover, Pennsylvania 17331, Phone: (717) 637-9265


Customer Testimonials

Satisfied clients are the best testament to Miller Hanover Insurance’s dedication to quality service. Many long-standing customers have shared their positive experiences with the agency, highlighting their professionalism, knowledge, and personal touch.


Local Points Of Interest

Gettysburg Emergency Management

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, is well-prepared for emergencies, thanks to its comprehensive Emergency Management program. Established under the Emergency Management Services, the program encompasses natural, technological, and man-made disaster mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery efforts. The Borough of Gettysburg is required to adopt an emergency operations plan, designate an emergency operations center, and appoint an emergency management coordinator.

The organization is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of its residents and visitors. The emergency management system’s robust framework is crucial in maintaining the city’s stability, particularly for businesses operating within Gettysburg. The Borough’s collaboration with neighboring Cumberland Township, the National Park Service, and the Adams County Department of Emergency Services ensure that adequate resources are available in the event of an emergency.

Location: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Address: Borough of Gettysburg, 59 East High Street, Gettysburg, PA 17325



Amnesty International Chapter at Gettysburg College

The Amnesty International chapter at Gettysburg College in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, plays a crucial role in educating and mobilizing students to fight against global injustices. This local point of interest helps create informed global citizens and provides resources for international students to raise awareness about injustices faced in their home countries and the USA.

Being a part of the Gettysburg College Amnesty International chapter offers members numerous benefits, such as gaining political activism skills, establishing professionalism, networking, and enhancing communication abilities through events and conferences. This initiative contributes to the development of well-rounded graduates who are knowledgeable, passionate, and ready to drive positive change in the world.

Location: Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Address: Gettysburg College, 300 North Washington Street, Gettysburg, PA 17325



Local News Of Interest

Pa. Medicaid Re-Enrollment News: Essential Information for Pennsylvania Residents

Attention Pennsylvania residents! If you’re one of the nearly 3.7 million Pennsylvanians relying on Medicaid for health insurance, it’s crucial to requalify for coverage over the next year. The process can be complex, particularly since re-enrollment has been paused since the pandemic started. To help you navigate this process, Spotlight PA has compiled a list of tips and tools.

Pennsylvania’s Department of Human Services (DHS) will contact Medicaid enrollees several times ahead of their renewal date. It’s essential to keep your contact information up to date and be prepared for re-enrollment. Staffing shortages and high workloads might cause backlogs and delays in the offices assessing Medicaid eligibility.

For further information about the re-enrollment process, how to appeal, and more, visit the original article on Spotlight PA’s website. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your local county assistance office or DHS Statewide Customer Service Center if you need assistance.



Gettysburg News: Unexploded Civil War Artillery Shell Found at National Military Park


The latest news from Gettysburg reveals a surprising discovery at the Gettysburg National Military Park. An unexploded Civil War artillery shell was found within the Little Round Top rehabilitation project area, dating back to the historic Battle of Gettysburg that took place from July 1-3, 1863. The 55th Ordnance Disposal Company (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) team from Fort Belvoir, Virginia, carefully removed and destroyed the shell off-site.


As a result of the ongoing rehabilitation project, Little Round Top remains closed to address erosion, parking, overcrowding, and safety concerns. The plans include improved accessibility for people with disabilities, reconfigured parking, safer pedestrian crossings, and eco-friendly materials to prevent water runoff in gathering spaces. The project also aims to address soil erosion threatening the 44th New York Infantry Regiment’s Monument, known as “the castle,” which dates back to 1893.




Gettysburg News: ACNB Insurance Services Acquires Leading Gettysburg Agency

Gettysburg-based ACNB Insurance Services, Inc. has announced its acquisition of Hockley & O’Donnell Insurance Agency LLC, a leading insurance agency in Gettysburg, PA. The move is expected to enhance ACNB Corporation’s growth strategy for both its insurance and banking subsidiaries, according to James P. Helt, ACNB Corporation and ACNB Bank President & CEO. The acquisition will also result in an estimated 30% increase in gross premium dollars for ACNB Insurance Services, contributing to future consolidated earnings for ACNB Corporation. The transaction is set to close soon, with Hockley & O’Donnell clients to receive notification letters and transition information at