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Miller Hanover Insurance – Find the Auto Insurance Coverage You Need

Do you need insurance coverage for a vehicle? At Miller Hanover Insurance, we offer a wide range of auto insurance policies from leading insurers at affordable rates.

We understand that acquiring and sifting through multiple car insurance quotes can be overwhelming. To solve this problem and save you valuable time, we make side-by-side quote comparisons possible, helping you select the auto coverage you need at the lowest possible rates.

Learn more below about our auto insurance policies in Pennsylvania.


Why Do You Need Auto Insurance?

We offer auto insurance policies for all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and motorcycles. You can also get coverage for recreational vehicles, trailers, or boats.

Depending on the policy type, your car insurance can provide coverage if you are liable for another’s vehicle damage, personal injuries, and medical expenses. Some policies also cover other damages, such as pain, suffering, and loss of income due to disability or death.

You also need insurance to protect you against unforeseen events, such as break-ins, theft, vandalism, hail damage, or an accident due to another’s negligence.


Types of Auto Insurance Coverage

Before shopping for an auto insurance policy, you need to understand the different coverage options. You must also know which coverages are mandatory to ensure compliance with state law. Some lenders may also require specific types of vehicle coverage to mitigate their risks in the event of an accident or theft.

The auto policy you need depends on your unique situation. The sections below discuss the different types of auto insurance policies you should consider.

Auto Liability Coverage

Aside from New Hampshire, all states require drivers to carry liability insurance. This type of insurance covers others’ personal injury and property damage resulting from an accident that is your fault.

Bodily injury liability insurance covers a third party’s medical expenses and loss of income due to an injury. Property damage coverage applies when you, as the policyholder and driver, damage someone else’s car, fence, structure, utility pole, or other property while driving.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive insurance covers damage to your vehicle due to theft, vandalism, hail, fire, or other unforeseen events. This insurance payout can help to repair or replace your vehicle with a maximum amount that equals your vehicle’s cash value. In most cases, policyholders must pay out of pocket (deductible) before the insurer pays.

Generally, comprehensive coverage is optional, though some lenders may require this insurance if you are paying off or leasing your vehicle. To learn more about the comprehensive insurance policies available at Miller Hanover Insurance, visit our website.

Collision Coverage

This type of auto insurance covers vehicle damage resulting from an accident with another road user or an object, such as a streetlight pole or fence. This coverage can help to repair or replace your vehicle with a proceed maximum that equals your car’s cash value less your deductible.

Like comprehensive coverage, collision coverage is optional unless your lender or leaseholder requires this insurance.

Underinsured Motorist Coverage

What happens if you are in an accident because someone else was driving negligently? You can file a claim against their insurer for your medical bills, property damage, and loss of income. However, if the liable party is uninsured or their insurance coverage is insufficient to cover your costs, you cannot claim compensation.

If you have uninsured or underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) insurance, this coverage will pay for steep medical bills or other damages that the liable party’s insurance doesn’t cover. Pennsylvania law doesn’t require uninsured driver coverage, but this insurance offers much-needed protection when facing a worst-case scenario.

Medical Payments Coverage

Medical payments insurance (MedPay) covers the medical expenses of the policyholder and all passengers, regardless of who is liable for the accident. These expenses include ambulatory care, hospitalization, nursing care, funeral costs, and the deductibles of other insurance policy types. This coverage excludes indirect expenses, such as child care or lost wages.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Coverage

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance provides the same medical coverage as general liability insurance. However, general liability coverage pays damages that someone else suffers in an accident that is your fault. On the other hand, PIP coverage pays your medical expenses, regardless of who is at fault.

Unlike medical payments coverage, PIP coverage helps to pay indirect expenses, including lost wages and funeral expenses. Some drivers take out PIP coverage to supplement their health insurance if they suffer an injury.


Why Work With Us, an Independent Insurance Agency?

At Hanover Miller Insurance, we are an independent insurance agency, which means we offer insurance policies from many different insurance companies. When working with us, you can select the company and policy that meet your price, coverage, and service quality requirements. You also get access to a broad range of auto insurance options, including unique products that single agents don’t offer.

As an independent insurance agency, our responsibility lies with you – not the insurers we represent. Instead of pushing specific policies, we will help you find the best coverage for your needs at the lowest cost. If you need multiple types of coverage, we’ll help you bundle products together, get discounts, and save on premiums.

Our agents have extensive industry knowledge and can help you select the best coverage and policies for your situation and financial goals. We will also ensure that you comply with state law and have sufficient and immediate coverage for your family’s medical needs in the event of an accident.


Start Comparing Quotes Today

When it comes to auto insurance, you need much more than theft coverage. The damages resulting from a road accident can be far-reaching, including medical expenses, loss of income, and compensation for pain and suffering.

An accident can happen anytime, anywhere, and you need sufficient medical and general liability coverage for you, your family, and third parties eligible to claim compensation.

At Miller Hanover Insurance, we provide a quick, straightforward process for selecting a car insurance quote. Visit our website to compare quotes, or call one of our consultants today for more information.