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Tag & Title

Hanover Insurance AgencyAs a bonded Messenger Service and De-centralized Services Agent for PennDOT, Miller-Hanover is your one-stop-shop for all your licensing and notary needs. We are also authorized to process license and registration paperwork for the PA Fish & Boat Commission and the PA Department of Conservation & Natural Resources (snowmobile and ATV title and registration). New and renewal registrations can be issued instantly in most situations, eliminating the need for temporary permits and “pink slips”.

At Miller-Hanover Insurance, Notary, Tag & Title Services in Pennsylvania you’ll get person-to-person service and we’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done. We’re not finished until you’re satisfied!  Our fees are posted in our office, or call us to receive pricing for a particular transaction. Our service is guaranteed to delight you and make you a loyal friend and customer. One experience and you’ll understand why Miller-Hanover Insurance, Notary, Tag & Title Services is the Notary of choice in the South Central Pennsylvania area, including Adams County, York County, Hanover, McSherrystown, New Oxford, Abbottstown, East Berlin, Littlestown, Spring Grove, Glenville, Biglerville and in Carroll County, Maryland.

As an Online Messenger Service & Authorized Decentralized Full Agent for PennDOT we offer the following services:

Full Service Notary Public – Including but not limited to bank documents, mortgage documents, affidavits, acknowledgments, wills, spousal consents, titles, power of attorneys, etc. Anything that requires a notary, we can help you.

  •   A Notary Public is not a Signature Guarantee/Medallion signature. This signature can usually be obtained at your local bank.

 Tag & Title Services

  • Temporary Tags
  • Title Transfers
  • State-to-State Transfers
  • Duplicate Titles
  • Antique & Classic Vehicle Registration
  • Reconstructed Pennsylvania-titled vehicles
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Renewals
  • Replacements
  • Suspensions
  • Restorations

 Driver’s Licenses

  •   Renewals
  •   Replacements
  •   Suspensions
  •   Restorations
  •   Driving Records

Vehicle Dealer Services – We specialize in examining all paperwork before processing. Any errors or other issues will be brought to your attention immediately and we will work with you to fix any problems.

  • Dealer Title Work
    • Process retail deals immediately to provide instant registration credentials
    • Mail registration products to your customers
    • Monthly billing available
    • Provide In-transit (cardboard) tags for out-of-state customers
  • Assistance with completing Full Agent Contracts
  • Miscellaneous Dealer Tags
  • Lot License
  • Banking License
  • Dealer Titles – returned to our office within 1-3 business days

CDL License & Permits

Vanity License Plates and Special Fund Tags

Criminal History

Notary Bonds

  • For reappointment or new notaries

Boat Registration

ATV Registration

Snowmobile Registration

Apportion Tags

Birth Certificates

Address Changes

Automobile Inspection Station – Inspection Sticker pick-up from PennDOT.  We carry applications (MV-436A) to PennDOT resulting in quicker turn around times.  All stickers are delivered by UPS or FedEx.

NOTE: State and service fees apply.

“Our direct connection with PennDOT allows us to offer instant processing on most of our services.”

Frequently asked questions:

1) How do I Register And Title a Vehicle In Pennsylvania

All new residents are required to apply for a Pennsylvania title and registration within 20 days of establishing residency in Pennsylvania.

In order to do so, you will need:

A valid title for all the vehicles you want to register in Pennsylvania, in your name, from the previous state. If you do not have the title because there is a valid lien on it, we will need to request it from your lien holder. Please bring your previous registration, your account number, your lien holder’s name, phone number and fax number where we can fax our letter requesting the title be sent to us. (There is a fee for this service.) **If you have not owned your vehicle for at least 6 months, you will have to pay 6% sales tax on the fair market value of the vehicle.**

Proof of current Pennsylvania automobile insurance for all the vehicles you will be registering. Acceptable proof of insurance includes a valid insurance ID card, a declaration page, a binder, or an application. If you are registering a motorcycle, valid proof of insurance is needed for the specific motorcycle you are registering.

Valid proof of identification. All owners of the vehicle must be present with a valid identification. Acceptable proof of identification includes Pennsylvania driver’s license, Pennsylvania identification card, Pennsylvania photo exempt driver’s license, Pennsylvania photo exempt identification card, or a U.S. Armed Forces common access card.

The odometer reading on all the vehicles you are registering.

Please bring the vehicle with you. In order to process the title transfer, we need to visually verify the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). If you are unable to bring the vehicle with you, the following substitutes are acceptable: a tracing of the VIN with all digits legible, a photo of the VIN with all digits legible, or an MV-41 form filled out by a Pennsylvania inspection mechanic, police officer, or marshal provost. If the vehicle is a pickup truck or trailer, we will also need to verify the gross weights. The sticker with the listed gross weights is located inside the driver’s side door on pickup trucks and on the frame of trailers. If there are no gross weights listed on your title, pickup truck, or trailer, an MV-41 form must  be filled out by a Pennsylvania inspection mechanic.

All vehicles newly registered in Pennsylvania must be state inspected and emissions tested (if applicable) within 10 days of the registration date.

*State and service fees apply*

Additional information may be obtained on PennDOT’s website.

2) How To Obtain A Pennsylvania Driver’s License Or Identification Card

All new residents are required to apply for a Pennsylvania driver’s license or identification card within 60 days of establishing residency in Pennsylvania.

In order to do so, you must take all of the following to the driver’s license center:

Social security card

Birth certificate with a raised seal, (No Non-U.S. Birth certificates). You may also use a Passport, Certificate of U.S. Citizenship (N-560) or Certificate of Naturalization (N-550 or N-570).

Your out-of-state driver’s license or identification card. You will need to turn in your out-of-state license or identification card.

Two forms of Pennsylvania residency, if 18 or older. Acceptable proof of residency includes current utility bills*, tax records, lease or mortgage documents, W-2, weapons permit. *Cell phone/pager bills are not acceptable.

If your current name is different than the name on your birth certificate, you must take proof of the name change such as marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court order.

3) What do I need to renew a vehicle registration?  

Renewal form from PennDOT, if available. If not, bring old registration card or write your plate number down. A current insurance card would be acceptable.

4) How do I obtain a Motorcycle Permit? 

We cannot obtain these for you. You must go to a driver’s license center. First, you need to study to pass the written test. We have the manuals to study. Schedule an appointment at the driver’s license center to take your written permit exam. Once you pass your written exam, you will receive your motorcycle permit. You must then schedule an appointment to take the road test or sign up for a motorcycle safety course. Once you pass the road test or the safety course, you will be licensed to drive motorcycles.

5) How do I register a boat, ATV or trailer in PA? 

TRAILERS follow the vehicle rules.


Powered boats must be registered in PA. You will need the title to the boat (if   one is available – not all states require titles) and/or the current registration from the state in which it was previously registered. You will also need a bill of sale from the previous owner listing the Hull ID number from the boat.

Unpowered boats such as kayaks and canoes can be used in PA state waters with just a launch permit (available as a 1- or 2-year permit). They expire December 31 of the same year (1-year permit) or the following year (2-year permit) in which they are issued. To use unpowered boats outside of Pennsylvania, they must be registered. See Powered boat registration.

6) What do I need to obtain a Drivers Permit? 

We cannot obtain these for you. You must go to a driver’s license center. First, you need to study to pass the written test. We have the manuals to study. Schedule an appointment at the driver’s license center to take your written permit exam. Once you pass your written exam, you will receive your permit. You may be required to log driving hours depending on your age. See the manual for details. You must then schedule an appointment to take the road test. Once you pass the road test, you will be licensed.

7) I’m an inspection station.  What do I need to obtain Inspection stickers? 

Form MV-436A must be completed and you must provide the check to PennDOT from your business account. They will not accept cash, a personal check, or a check from Miller-Hanover.

8) I’m a Auto Dealer, what do I need to have my title work handled by Miller-Hanover? 

We process dealer title work for in-state and out-of-state dealers who are selling to Pennsylvania residents.  Please call for details regarding account setup, monthly billing, and our other value-added services.

9) What should I bring with me if I want to have a document notarized? 

Current government issued ID or Driver’s license or Passport

If you do not currently have one of these, you must provide 2 other forms of ID such as Social Security card, Medicare card, voter’s registration card, gun permit, work ID, school ID, etc. Birth certificates and credit cards are NOT acceptable.

If you are looking for tag and title services in Hanover, stop by our offices at Miller Insurance Hanover today. We also provide tag and title services in New Oxford, check out our office Miller Insurance New Oxford Offices.