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Tax Preparation

Hanover Insurance AgentAt the Miller-Hanover Income Tax Preparation Services office, our experienced tax professionals will thoroughly explain your tax return and take the time to uncover all possible deductions and credits to reduce your tax liability and increase your refund. We feel that if we show and explain your return, not only will you have a better understanding about your tax situation, but together we can save you money. It’s all about getting more from your taxes by showing you how to get the best value for your tax preparation dollar.  All of our tax professionals have completed the IRS AFSP – Record of Completion and complete yearly continuing education to be up to date on all changes to IRS tax laws.

In addition, Miller-Hanover Income Tax Preparation Service offers:

  • Free consultation on tax issues
  • Year round tax support
  • Free copies of your prior years tax returns that we prepared
  • Correspondence assistance on tax matters – we will handle correspondence you receive regarding your Federal, State and Local tax returns.
  • Audit Assistance – if the IRS audits our tax customer, we will accompany you to the audit for free.
  • If an error is made in the preparation of our tax customers return that results in a penalty and interest charge, we will pay that penalty and interest charge.

*Contact us today to find out more about our Hanover Pennsylvania Income Tax Preparation Services office. Stop in and talk to our experienced tax preparers who would be happy to prepare your Federal, State and Local tax returns. Miller-Hanover offers free e-filing of your Federal and State returns.  We’re consistently priced 15-25% lower than the national tax prep franchises.

Almost everyone will have to do something different on their taxes this year due to the Affordable Care Act. If you aren’t sure if you are affected, or how it may affect your taxes, please contact us!

You can also Request a Tax Appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What you will need to file your taxes with Miller-Hanover Income Tax Preparation Service

  • Last Year’s Tax Return.
  • Personal information on all family members:
    • Names
    • Dates of Birth
    • Social Security Numbers
    • Drivers License to E-file
  • Income information we need:
    • Interest Income – 1099-INT or substitute
    • Dividend Income – 1099-DIV or substitute
    • State or Local Income Tax refunds from the prior year -1099-G
    • Alimony Received
    • Self Employment Income – 1099-MISC, Income records to verify amounts not reported on 1099’s.
    • Stock sales or sales of other property including personal residence – 1099-B, Broker statements or Settlement sheets
    • Sales of Business Assets
    • Retirement Income – 1099-R from your Pension, IRA or Annuity
    • Rental Income
    • Farm Income
    • Unemployment Compensation – 1099-G
    • Social Security or Railroad Retirement (SSA-1099 or RRB-1099)
    • Gambling or Lottery Winnings (W-2G)
    • Miscellaneous Other Income: Jury Duty, Prizes & Awards, K-1’s
  • Tax deductions available to you:
    • Alimony Paid, Social Security Number of Recipient
    • Self Employment Expenses including business asset information for depreciation, office in home information, business mileage or actual vehicle expenses
    • Rental Expenses including asset information for depreciation
    • Farm Expenses including asset information for depreciation and mileage of farm vehicles
    • Teaching Expenses
    • Traditional IRA contribution
    • Self Employed Health Insurance costs
    • Student Loan Interest
    • Moving Expenses
    • Tuition & Fees Expenses
    • Self Employed SEP, SIMPLE, Qualified Plans
    • Gambling Losses
    • Employee Business Expenses including business uniforms, dues, publications, tools and vehicle expenses
    • Medical Expenses including insurance costs, doctor bills and mileage
    • Real Estate or Personal Property Tax receipts
    • Mortgage Interest Statements – 1098
    • Charitable Contribution statements including non-cash donation statements and mileage
    • Child Care Costs – providers name, address, EIN or SSN needed
    • Residential Energy expenses
    • Retirement savings contributions
    • Adoption Expenses

2. What are the operating hours for Miller–Hanover Income Tax Service?

During Tax season, we are open Monday and Thursday 8:30am – 7:00pm, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm. Other hours offered by appointment only. For your convenience, we also maintain support year round and help you after tax season.

3. Why should I choose Miller-Hanover Income Tax Service to do my taxes?

Many tax payers are overpaying the IRS every year. You could be overlooking huge tax deductions to reduce your taxable income year after year. Miller-Hanover’s tax professionals will help you take advantage of every possible deduction. We have been a Hanover provider of Tax Preparation Service for over 40 years. Go with a company you can count on who has been helping Hanover residents consistently since the 1960’s.

4. Does Miller–Hanover Tax Preparation Service offer e-file?

Yes. We offer free e-filing so you can get your return back in short order.

Important Links:

If you are looking for tax preparation services in Hanover, stop by our offices at Miller Insurance Hanover today. We also provide tax preparation services in New Oxford, check out our office Miller Insurance New Oxford Offices.